Beware ye who enter here.

Who am I?

In short, I am mostly just a guy who enjoys hanging out with his friends sometimes, being alone sometimes, taking on challenging problems, building things (mostly through coding, material things have a higher barrier of entry), watching obscure movies, trying to be good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and failing miserably), and sleeping 8 hours a night. A pretty normal person by all respects. I was born in Cartagena, Colombia (pictured above), but if you were to spot me walking down the street, you would probably not think “ahh yes, this man is clearly Colombian and extremely handsome”. Although both of these are true, I do not look like either. I am pretty tall and look more like some adidas tracksuit-wearing villain’s lackey, than an exotic Colombian man whose dashing good looks are only matched by the wit of his tongue. Anyways, let’s get back on track.

I am currently a student at Grinnell College, a small liberal arts college in rural Iowa whose claim to fame is having a surprisingly large endowment and pretty hard classes. It’s a hit or miss place for most people. I like it, but it’s certainly not for everybody.

Image of Grinnell College.

I am also currently working as a Data Engineer at a pretty cool Fintech startup called Chipper Cash. I really enjoy working here. The work is engaging and the people are nice. What more could you ask for? I interned at Chipper over the summer and they decided to hire me as soon as the internship ended and, although juggling school and work has been hard, it’s been really fun to get handed more responsibilities and being able to take part in long-term initiatives that were not feasible in the scope of a summer internship.

Chipper Cash

As far as extracurricular hobbies go, I don’t have too many. The hobby that takes the most amount of time is definitely Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am the president of the Grinnell College Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club and teach a couple of classes a week when our more senior instructors are not available. I am proud to say no one has gotten seriously injured during my watch. We’ve had a couple of sprained elbows and a couple of accidental kicks to the head, but who’s counting. Besides Jiu Jitsu, I also enjoy watching movies and reading books. I am currently reading The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss and I recently re-watched The Raid: Redemption, an Indoneisan action movie that is way too good. I highly recommend you check out both.

So that’s pretty much it. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy the way I write. I know it can be a little off-putting, but I write the way I think: too much. If you feel like finding out even more about me, go here.